How to buy Bitcoin

1. Scan Wallet QR Code

2. Insert Cash

3. Press Send


Sending and receiving Bitcoin should be as easy as sending a text.  Unbank makes sending Bitcoin instant and secure.

2.5 billion people worldwide lack a formal account at a financial institution.  Unbank is geared towards providing those who are not part of the traditional banking system as well as providing accessibility for those who need to send Bitcoin to their friends and family. This will support economic growth in areas where opportunities have originally been restricted.

From days to seconds

Remittance services often involve large fees and slow transfers. Unbank makes it effortless to send Bitcoin without having to deal with the headaches of slow transfers.




Security, Simplicity, safety

Unbankā€™s interface compromises no thought to securing your private information and affording the most user friendly interface. 



transcend boundaries

Our platform can be accessed from a desktop or via our app on both Android and IOS.  Mobile banking may help historically unbanked regions gain financial access.


Blockchain technology helps us to automatically clear payments. This gives us a clear advantage to services that rely on archaic technology and manual oversight when operating.